Jon Doe

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Otis is an accredited architect in the UK and EU with over five years professional experience working across Africa, South East Asia and Europe. He is currently working in Tanzania, where he is managing the design and construction of 110 prototype houses as part of the Star Homes Project, a randomised controlled trial investigating the impact of housing on family health.


Otis is passionate about the roles the built environment and technology have on issues of health and sustainability, and how this can be communicated. This has manifest in a range of personal projects including co-founding an award winning sustainable construction toy, founding ArchiShorts which explores how short film can be used to showcase architecture from around the world, as well as co-authoring articles for respected acedemic journals including Cities & Health, PLoSMED and the Lancet Planetary Health. To relax Otis likes to play guitar and piano, swim and go scuba diving.