The Fresh Air Network


Waterbus network, public bridge, terminal and kindergarten​ and


Lanzhou, China




Steel + concrete


Project Type

Masters Thesis



In 2015 the World Health Organisation named Lanzhou, the capital of the Gansu province, China’s most air polluted city. The Fresh Air Network investigates how city infrastructure, a common cause of air pollution, might be used to mitigate it.

The Fresh Air Network explores how inter-city transport infrastructure can be designed to improve health and well being in one of China’s most polluted cities, through the design of a waterbus system and central terminal. The Fresh Air Network aims to bring life back to the river and reduce overall vehicular  pollution in Lanzhou. Collectively, the terminals create a chain of oases, using water and local algae cultures to filter pollution, providing clean air for travellers and a healthier way to traverse the city.  The ‘Central West Terminal’ is an exemplar for the rest of the network. The terminal links two sides of the river to create a common space for the city, housing hybrid programs to support physical and mental health with a focus towards the age groups most  vulnerable to air pollution.


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