Live / Work


House & Studio


Bath, UK


Brick + zinc standing seam roof


230m2 Internally



The house design combines living space with workplace for a couple in Bath. A double height gallery links workspace to living space while a winter garden courtyard and choice of internal or external circulation blur the boundaries between outside in inside.

The building is laid out around a first floor courtyard to create a series of individual spaces that all feel connected. Sliding doors surrounding the courtyard can be opened to bring the garden into the heart of the building. A feature staircase links the gallery and work space to the living quarters, while a second external staircase, from the roof terrace to the first floor courtyard, allows the owners to circulate through the house outside. 


The design challenges what can be done with the primary material, brick, by laying the bricks to form a perforated facade which dapples the light and provides privacy on a highly exposed site.

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