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sdg 9 Industry Innovation and Infrastruc
sdg 11 Sustainable cities and communitie
sdg 12 Responcible Consumption and Produ

Shroud Hempery


Visitors centre, textile mill and laboratories



Stroud, UK


250m2 Internally

1000m2 Externally


Hemp thatch + timber frame+ hempcrete




It is ironic that in a society obsessed with materialism we have become increasingly detached from the material world. The Stroud  hempery uses industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) as a vehicle to re-evaluate this relationship.

The Stroud Hempery acts as a national centre for hemp in the UK. The guild, formed around a new route linking canal and town, acts as a point of contact & education. The mill honours Stroud’s cloth making heritage whilst the research facility explores new applications for the plant.

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